Sunday, January 1, 2012

112 Things to Do In 2012

I had a thought today about putting together a list of things I'd like to accomplish this year. Some big, some small. I picked 112 items since it was 2012...that makes sense to me, at least! I have been working on this list for the better part of all afternoon, and finally finished it a few hours ago! I wanted to wait until the kids were asleep before I posted it to share. Thanks to all my friends and family for their suggestions!!

1. Take a family vacation to a new place we haven’t been to as a family
2. Go on a mission trip
3. Lose the 25 lbs I want to lose this year
4. Do something out of my comfort zone
5. Sing a song acapella in church
6. Spend more time outside with the kids
7. Get rid of satellite/cable
8. Have family pictures done with the kids
9. Go on a blind date
10. Limit internet time to 7 hours/week
11. Learn how to say “Jesus Loves You” in another language
12. Spend a day doing things for others
13. Don’t spend any money for a period of 24 hours
14. Read “in character” to the kids
15. Go visit my mom overseas
16. Spend an afternoon at the park with the kids
17. Learn how to knit
18. Have a no occasion party
19. Take a cooking class
20. Read 12 books from “100 books to read before you die”
21. Take a piano lesson
22. Read Confident Woman by Joyce Meyers
23. Get a facial
24. Highlight my hair
25. Become a prayer warrior
26. Update both baby books
27. Start (and finish) a scrapbook for James
28. Start a family scrapbook
29. Find someone willing to “Mom Swap” for a day, and do it
30. Watch a movie that only has subtitles (foreign film, etc)
31. Cook Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon
32. Find a pen pal in another country
33. Write one old-fashioned, hand written letter a month

34. Learn how to make cake pops
35. Potty train James
36. Teach Gracie how to tie her shoes
37. Get my eyebrows waxed
38. Get a 60 minute massage
39. Go to a concert
40. Read a book of poetry
41. Go to “karaoke night” at a local place
42. Make Caribbean style chicken wings
43. Go horseback riding
44. Go on a boat ride
45. Go hunting
46. Cook something with deer meat
47. Sing “Singing in the Rain” while actually IN the rain
48. Have my name put on my Bible
49. See a show at Alabama Shakespeare Festival
50. Take the kids to a museum
51. Have a picnic
52. Do 6 Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes (instead of 3)
53. Perform a random act of kindness
54. Paint a picture
55. Take a dance class
56. Cook a turkey
57. Visit an old friend
58. Go on a hike/nature walk
59. Go fishing
60. Save all my change/coins for the year
61. Learn a song in another language
62. Be involved in a musical
63. Have an “unbirthday” party on a gloomy/rainy day
64. Learn how to change a tire
65. Paint the hallway bathroom
66. Take a trip to the zoo
67. Visit the capitol in Montgomery
68. Send someone flowers
69. Make a cheesecake from scratch
70. Take the kids to a public library
71. Read to Gracie’s kindergarten class again
72. Save 3 weeks of pay in an emergency fund
73. Invest some money
74. Get my passport
75. Let the kids make dinner (I supervise)
76. Buy someone coffee
77. Volunteer my time/services for a day
78. Read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
79. Host a grown up party
80. Go to a football game
81. Write a song
82. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes (literally!)
83. Learn how to read sheet music
84. Praise God during a storm
85. Forgive someone
86. Don’t say anything negative for one day
87. Make a homemade Valentine and then give it away
88. Give a stranger a compliment
89. Leave a note of encouragement for a waiter/waitress when eating out
90. Pay for the order of the person behind you in the drive-thru line
91. Play a game of laser tag
92. Take the kids bowling
93. Have a “date night” with Gracie & James, separately
94. Share my testimony with someone
95. Bake cookies and take them to a nursing home
96. Take a trip just me and the kids
97. Work with the kids to memorize 1 Bible verse each month
98. Watch “Passion of the Christ”.
99. Attend a game at Stanhope Elmore
100. Do something special for an important person in my life
101. Go see Breaking Dawn Part II
102. Buy a lottery ticket
103. Plant some flowers
104. Make a special school lunch for Gracie once a month
105. Buy a puzzle and put it together
106. Sing with Jason Easterling and Laura Wesley again
107. Make homemade gifts for the kids birthdays this year
108. Make homemade ice-cream
109. Play bingo
110. Write a letter of appreciation to someone I admire
111. Have a themed dinner & a movie night
112. Make Paula Deen’s Banana Pudding