Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Gracie (2 1/2 years)
Gulf Shores, AL
July 2008

James, 23 months
Panama City Beach, FL
July 2011

It's funny how much time changes things. I can barely recall those moments of infancy with Gracie anymore. I remember things we did and stuff that has happened along the way, but the memories of her as a newborn have slowly begun to fade for me.

And then I look at James, and it was like he was a newborn yesterday. And I blinked and skipped ahead to almost two years old. I had alot of time to reflect on this short-lived beach trip. I've had lots of time to reflect over the last month or so about how precious life is. And how important some things are. And others that aren't.

God blessed me with these two little angels to love and care for while they are here with me. And I never knew the road to parenthood could take you through so many bumps, bruises, tears, laughs...the list could just keep going. I am sure that as they grow, more words will be added to that list.

I had time to reflect on this mini-vacation. I had time to look both of my babies in the face and tell them how much I loved them. I got to snuggle with them under the blankets of a cozy hotel bed. I got to feel little fingers curling around mine while we tromped through the sands of the beach.

I watched him sling dirt at the beach.
I watched her try to show me that she could swim.

We listened to loud music in the car.

We ate more than one donut for breakfast.

We stayed up past our (regularly scheduled) bedtime.

We got to sleep in.

Watched James grin when he got to drink Coke from a straw.

Cheered for Gracie when she tried her first (fried) oyster.

Sometimes it's good to be the Mom who is in charge, who gets to be The Boss, who gets to say "Because I said so!!!"

Then there are other times, like this weekend, where just being with these two precious faces was all I wanted to do. And being laid-back Mom who let them get away with things and wasn't as concerned with schedules and routines as always, just wanted to enjoy some time away.

To reflect.

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