Monday, June 14, 2010

Update #2 on Lily

I surely hope that Heidi doesn't want to clobber me for stealing photos from her blog! :)

So yesterday on Facebook, I saw random updates about Lily. The first was that she had big hairbows in her hair and looked like an angel.

The next one that came was that she was awake and asking for her Daddy, and mentioned something about asking Daddy for ice cream.

Today I saw an update from Heidi that Lily had asked for her Daddy, and it was the first time Heidi had left her bedside.

I also heard today that Lily is off the ventilator!

And then I get the update that Lily is awake and has spoken the words "chocolate candy." (What five year old does this NOT sound like??) So I know someone else has already suggested this, but in honor of this sweet little girl and God's miracles today (and always), please enjoy some chocolate candy of your own and remember to pray for a speedy recover for this little girl!

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  1. Such a blessing that she seems to be recovering well. They live a few houses down from my parents. Still hard to believe something so tragic happened so close to home. Praying for her FULL recovery!