Thursday, August 5, 2010

GA Trip:Day 1 - Atlanta Zoo

Thankfully as we arrived in Atlanta Monday morning it was drizzling and cloudy. Once we got into downtown and checked into the hotel the rain had stopped. It was still somewhat cloudy, but the tiny rainshower made it not as humid as I think it could have been. We unloaded the van and headed off to the Atlanta Zoo!

The first thing I did was take pictures of my own wild animals, posing with some statues of the zoo's wild animals!

You will see this expression on James' face alot throughout our pictures. Gracie was two the first time we made a trip to the zoo, but James still seemed a little bit unsure. Of everything!

Gracie thought these little wooden picture taking sites throughout the zoo were alot of fun!

One of Gracie's favorites from last time - the Panda exhibit!

This is how Pork Chop spent most of the his stroller, pacifier in mouth to keep him from screaming/yelping/yelling. I don't know if it was the time change, or the fact that he was having tummy trouble (I think he may be cutting more teeth, and he might be in some pain) but he was not a happy camper. Or the petting zoo could have scarred him for life. More on that later...

Gracie hanging out with some kangaroos!

I was suprised to be able to get a picture this close. I don't think we saw them this close on our first trip, but we didn't stay very long that trip because it was unbelievably hot.

Another one of the wooden photo sites. Gracie really liked this one with Mommy!

He looks so cute! I had to hold his hands down just to snap the picture.

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  1. Looks like fun! What happened at the petting zoo?