Monday, August 23, 2010

For the love of raspberries!

You might be wondering what raspberries have to do with the Princess and/or the Pork Chop.

Well, let me tell you.

Gracie was invited to a birthday party earlier in the summer for a friend from church. At this birthday party there were gobs and gobs of food - Chick-Fil-A, potato chips, salsa, fresh veggies, and fresh fruits-among them, raspberries.

I don't recall having ever eaten an actual raspberry. I'm not even fond of the Sunripened Raspberry scent you can buy at Bath & Body Works. Anyway....

So while I'm trying to enjoy my snacks before the cake, James-who had not long been on baby food,but was not quite ready for full on table food-continued to make this grunting/whining sound. I finally gave in to his drooling "Mommy please feed me before I explode!" looks and decided that of the items on my plate, the raspberries were a) probably the safest at being so soft and b) very easy for me to pinch into small pieces to feed him.

Needless to say that after he had had his fill, I still had never tasted a real, fresh raspberry.

I have always had people comment to me on how odd it is that the Princess will devour an entire plate of salad for dinner. I chalk it up to the fact that I have always made her at least taste something before she decided she didn't like it--and my mom eats lots of salad as well, so Gracie seems to be a huge fan.

But I never, in a million years, would have pegged the Pork Chop for a raspberry lover!

Is there any food in particular that it might seem strange, but your child really enjoys it?


  1. You have ate raspberry before .Girl we use to eat them all time when we were growing up when you came and stay at your granparnets house .We use to go to the woods and pick them and also blackberries .We would eat so much that our hands ,mouth ,and tounge would be red ,blue and purple .Than we would get fussed at cause we had it all over our shirts .We laugh so much.Also we use too throw them at each other with David,April,Frankie,Scottie ,and Celina .Than we would throw them at the boys and they would tell on us.

  2. Jackson loves lima beans and butterbeans, but I'll kill you if you tell him they're a vegetable!!