Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

She claims that no photos exist of her. She tells everyone who will listen that we only have one home video of her. Between my aunts, uncles, and mom everybody in the family has 3 kids - until my mom had her.

And then it just messed everything up!

Wait. I think I'm supposed to be saying nice things....


Tina is the baby of the family. And yes, you can totally tell it by the way she acts! She is loved and adored by every single kid she has ever come in contact with. I think she is everybody's favorite! Gracie loves for her favorite aunt Tina to paint her toenails and brush her hair!

So today I want to show off some pictures (that do exist!) of the birthday girl. And it just wouldn't be fun if some of them weren't a little goofy looking!

We love you, Tina! Happy birthday!

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