Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An update: Decisions

Okay so almost one week ago, I declared and then opened up the blogosphere (all three of you that read my blog) about turning off the TV.

I have good news to report! We have managed to cut way back!

I promise to post pictures soon of some of our non-television related endeavors. I am very proud of some of the ideas I came up with. Some all on my own and then some with the assistance of others.

Gracie seems to enjoy finding other ways to occupy our time and even makes comments to other people about how "We don't watch alot of TV anymore!"

Although I was dreading trying to pull this off in the beginning I am very proud that we have scaled way back. Sunday afternoon we went to my dad's in Marbury and we did watch Wizard of Oz. We also watched American Idol (Gracie was happy they sent Casey Abrams home). And I couldn't let the entire weekend go by without catching a glimpse of some of the Royal Wedding!

Pictures and updates to come!

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