Saturday, September 25, 2010

30th Birthday Wishes

Please make sure you take a moment to stop by Wade's World today and wish Amy a very, very happy 30TH birthday!!!

Amy and her husband Jeremy, pictured here with Pork Chop at his first birthday party

While I've got you here, I might as well tell you what an awesomely wonderful best friend Amy has been to me, especially over the last several months. Amy is alot of fun, and it's amazing how much time we can spend talking about nothing and everything. I can't even remember when or why we became friends, but I am so glad that God has blessed me with her friendship! She's not only a great friend, she's a great mom to Jackson (who is a cutie, even if he is - as Gracie says - a "War Eagle"!)

Amy, with James at his first birthday party, showing him how to use his new toy she got him!

So please help me wish Amy a very happy birthday today!


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