Monday, September 6, 2010

Jacob's Build-A-Bear

I've probably not mentioned this on my blog officially yet. But my sister, Jessica, is expecting her first baby this November. She is having a boy, and his name is Jacob.

Jessica has heard the story about how when I was pregnant with Gracie, we were in Florida visiting my mom and happened to be at the mall where they had a Build-A-Bear. So that night, I stuffed a Lamb for my then-unknown baby girl. She still has that same little lamb.

When I found out I was pregnant with James, Gracie heard the story of how I built her a lamb. So in order to carry on this sudden family tradition, I took her to Build-A-Bear to make one for her brother (who at the time, we did not know was her brother!)

Here is a picture of Gracie with James' bear:

So last week when Jessica was home, she decided that it was time to take Gracie to the mall to create a special bear just for Baby Jacob. I am very happy to carry on this family tradition!

Showing us the heart she picked out, just for Jacob's bear!

Washing him off so he's "all clean!"

Letting little brother give the teddy some love!

Aunt Jessica picked out a shirt and voila! - All done!

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