Monday, October 25, 2010

What's Up, Pork Chop?

I feel like it's been forever since I've done a post on James! And since I've discovered how to load my pictures onto the computer through my printer, I'll have to post more videos very soon!

At 14 months, James mastered the art of walking unassisted just last week. Although it takes him a second or two to get his balance and he can't stay up on his feet for long - he figured it out!

He is also completely off of baby food and formula and no longer taking a bottle! He can pretty much self-feed, although we've only let him hold a spoon while he's eating. He doesn't know just yet how to manuever the spoonful of food into his mouth. We are still holding onto the pacifier, but he is only allowed to have it at naptime (at home, not at daycare) and at bedtime.

Just recently I noticed him sounding out more words. There are a new words and sounds he can imitate: Gracie/Sissy, No no, That, Mama, Da Da, and other noises.

He also likes to dance when he hears music and more recently when I was singing to him, I noticed that he likes to make noises/sounds as if he's singing back to me!

We go for his next well baby check-up on November 16th, so I'm sure I'll have more updates then!

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