Friday, March 18, 2011

My All-Stars

Okay, so I love to sing. No big suprise to most people who know me! What you don't know is I have had a love/hate relationship with American Idol since Justin Guarini had big hair and Kelly Clarkson wasn't a household name or all over the radio stations.

And to be honest, I think I was absolutely furious when Alabama nativeBo Bice lost the title to Carrie Underwood. I don't even really know why that was, other than - aside from casting my vote every time the show aired - I was just positive that he was going to win. And I was pregnant with Gracie at the time so my hormones could have just gotten the better of me!

But I have watched off and on over the past few years, and when I found out a few months ago that FOX was the only "regular" channel I could get through DirectTV (too long a story!) I started seeing commercial's for the shows 10th season.

Your audition shows are generally always the same. They show some people with real, star quality talent and then they throw in some weirdos. And although I totally missed some of the first auditions for my "American Idol All-Stars" team, I wanted to share my thoughts with you since Karen Rodriguez was eliminated tonight!

So if I had to pick my final four going into the American Idol final, here they are in order:

Stefano Langone

I can't say enough about this guy! There may have been some times when his performances flopped before they hit the American Idol stage, but I feel like he has been consistent to his performances each week! His take on Simply Red's "If You Don't Know me By Now" last night was fantastically awesome!! I think he could win it for real! And if he can't, then maybe she can!:

Pia Toscano

She has been awesome since Day 1 of her original audition. Each week she has done songs by these big name stars, and she has come out and given everything she has to make the performance her own. If Stefano doesn't take the American Idol title, I think Pia definitely will!

And who else do I want to see at the finale?

Paul McDonald

Okay so that song he did last week had everybody going, "Man, I've never heard of that guy!" but Paul is definitely something different! He has done some Elton John and Rod Stewart songs, but Paul has this whole character that he throws out. He has a unique quality to his voice and he is entertaining to watch!

Jacob Lusk

I don't remember seeing his original Idol audition, but I can tell you that he makes me very nervous with the songs he has chosen to sing. Only to come out on stage, put his own spin on it, and leave me with my jaw hanging open. I have heard people say this before but when you put everything you have into a song and you feel it so much that the audience can feel it - that is exactly who Jacob Lusk is!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with guys like James Durbin or Scotty McCreery either, but we've had contestants like them in the past who were signed to labels or got a record deal once their Idol run was over. I just don't see either of them making it to the finale, and I would be super suprised to see them win.

PS - All of this is just my own personal opinion. Please don't take offense!

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