Monday, August 1, 2011

Beach Trip Pool Pictures

Internet Explorer has been giving me fits for days when I tried several times to upload these photos, but I finally got them up!

The hotel where we stayed in Panama City had a WONDERFUL swimming pool on site. James seems to love swimming and being in the water (read: the first time I made him get out, he cried like I broke his heart) so we spend lots of time in the pool.

The water was only 3 feet deep in most areas, which gave Gracie just enough room to convince us she could "swim" (only because her feet could touch the bottom!)

James and I spent alot of time near the steps, although he would "jump" from the side of the pool and let me catch him. Then his aunt Jessica let him go under one time!

Trying to take pictures of three small children (specifically, two boys who would rather be doing other things than looking at the camera) always turned into some goofy expressions. Jacob looks confused...

And along the same lines of the first picture....James is more interested in SPLASHING! Imagine that.

Jacob has got to be the biggest ham when it comes to cheesin' for a picture. We love him!

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