Friday, August 12, 2011

Kindergarten Open House

So in between James celebrating his birthday and giving his mother a mini-stroke with a banged up head and a trip to the ER, Gracie was having her Kindergarten Open House.

We were lucky enough to get the first teacher we requested, at the suggestion of some very dear friends from church. Gracie received a letter in the mail that was from her teacher and we spent time buying school supplies, picking out a backpack, and shopping for school clothes.

I had started to wonder how nervous I might actually be the night of the Open House. When Gracie went to Victory Baptist, we had some experience with Open House for K4. But this felt totally different. And it really wasn't all that different. Okay so it's a new school, new faces, new teacher, new-WOW! I think I just made myself a nervous wreck.

And Gracie is not usually shy. She can talk your ear off if you give her the chance. So she's walking right beside me through all the hallways leading us to her classroom, and when we get to the door she freezes.

"I'm nervous." I hear her peep out. So to keep myself from getting nervous, I just shuffled her through the door and tried to help her find her seat. We were greeted by Mrs. Beale, who knew Gracie right away (which totally surprised Gracie!).

Mrs. Beale went through some information for the parents, and then took the time to sit down with the kids and talk about classroom things like rules, and activities, and then read them a story about the first day of school. She also had a surprise for the kids in their cubbies which turned out to be just a bunch of cute little things in a personalized paper bag. It also gave the kids a chance to figure out which cubby was theirs!

I explained to Mrs. Beale when we got ready to leave that I had to get her picture with Gracie so my family living so far away could meet Gracie's new teacher! She was happy to help me out.

Gracie really seemed to like Mrs. Beale. She had lots of fun things to tell the kids, and they really enjoyed the story and meeting their class pets. Mrs. Beale loves gardening and also told the kids that her parents loved science, so it's one of her favorite things to learn about.

Gracie said she liked her classroom.

And that she's excited about Kindergarten.

And that she can't wait to come back the first day.

And that Mrs. Beale was really nice.

And then we discovered that Mrs. Beale is an Auburn Fan.

Oh, well.


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  1. Oh, wow!! This is so cute! There are actually a lot of 'Bama families in the Garden Patch this year...and Annalise was the first to achieve "100 Book Status" last year! I believe Auburn and Alabama co-exist in the Patch so that each of us and the generations we're raising understand that the other fanbase doesn't have HORNS! [Now, granted, some on both sides have put that assertion to the test, especially last year. However, what state can claim back-to-back National Football Championships? If programs strive to play for God's glory as they raise college athletes to be more than just football players, then that's what matters. That is one of the things I love most about our team and its present coaches.]

    When you're raised and elementaried, middled, highschooled, universitied in a town where the namesake university employs your father and the high school does likewise for your mother, it's part of your DNA! Would that every "fan" have such a personal attachment to whom they root for! And may we all love our own teams so much this year that we cease and desist dissing the other (that is honestly my greatest prayer on this front). I pray for a return to the "light spirit" the rivalry used to enjoy. :-)

    Aside...I LOVED meeting Gracie; we will have an incredible year! I was amazed at how attentive they were on the carpet and how ready they were to be there. It's a huge adjustment, and the Open House turnout is always a little stunning in the eyes of the children (and us, too). She did such a beautiful job on her name picture; it is the first of what we'll hang out in the hall this year. The best is yet to come! Great job on the blog...precious...and I love the name!