Monday, May 24, 2010

Memory Lane

I have been kind of misty eyed all day, and I think most of it has to do with the fact that in a few hours, I will be watching my baby sister graduate from highschool. I am still struggling to say those words to myself as I write this post.

If you are not aware, I am the oldest of four girls. Kayla and Jessica, twins born 15 minutes apart (and twins who not only look absolutely nothing alike, but are just as polar opposites in personality) and then Tina (aka The Baby). She also has *ahem* given herself some nicknames such as: Mom's Favorite Daughter, Favorite Aunt Tina (or FAT for short!), The Best, The Cutest, but really do I need to go?

I bet I can speak for Kayla and Jessica when I say her real nickname(s) should be: The Brat, The Pain, The-oh, wait, this was supposed to be a post written out of sisterly love! Nevermind! :)

Tina (who hates to be called by her given name, Christina, in case you were wondering) is a lover of her dog, Harley, anything zebra print, and chicken fingers and french fries. Did I mention she has a niece and nephew who have her wrapped around their little fingers?

Being the oldest of four girls, with the age gap being 13-15 years, I kind of took on the "mothering" role at an early age. And I am happy to say that after years of being shunned because I was "too old" for them to hang out with me, they have suddenly found room for me in their lives again! (Only because I have two small children they worship and adore). Sigh.

Tina will receive her diploma from Stanhope Elmore High School tonight, just 15 years after I received my diploma from them myself. She has so many honors tassles I can't remember all of them. Do I get credit for remembering one of them had to do with Spanish? The only reason I remember is because I called her a nerd! :P

There is nothing I wouldn't do for these girls. Growing up life pulled us all in different directions, especially with them still being young enough to travel with my mom (who was still in the military) and me being here in Alabama. But since my mom moved overseas almost three years ago to work, the girls and I try to find time to spend together whenever possible. I am excited because we get to celebrate Tina's graduation tonight, and then we are continuing the celebration at lunch time tomorrow!

And since Tina is notorious for pointing out (which sounds more like whining
to the rest of us) that NO pictures of her actually exist, here is my proof!

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