Thursday, May 6, 2010

What has The Princess been up to?

The Princess starts K4 in August, where she will be going to the "Big" School for the first half of the day, before returning to the daycare for the afternoon. She will be learning more of what she did in preschool, which is memorizing Bible verses, and then working on shapes, numbers, letters, etc. They will also learn to write in cursive in K4, so my goal before August is to teach Gracie all the letters in her name, and how to write them herself. Here is some more of what the Princess can do:

1. She knows her first and last name, and the first and last names of her Mommy, Daddy, and baby brother.
2. She also knows relationships: Mawmaw is my mother, Nana is Daddy's mother, her aunts are my sisters, Aunt Tara is Daddy's sister, Anniston is her cousin, etc.
3. She doesn't know the days of the week yet (I mean, you can tell her what day it is) but she knows we can to school during the week, and what days we go to church.
4. She knows her alphabet, she knows how to count, and she knows her name starts with a G and can identify her name when she sees it written down.
5. She can dress and undress herself, depending on the style/fit of the clothing she is wearing. She can do her own shoes and socks too!
6. She can wash her own hair, brush her own teeth, and wash her hands by herself.
7. She has learned in the last six months to clear her dishes off the table, clean up her room by herself, and she can get her own snacks out of the refrigerator.
8. She can remember words to a ton of songs, can make up her own songs, and actually sings really well! (not that I'm suprised!)
9. She will eat absolutely anything at least once, and only dislikes corn, potatoes (unless they are french fries) and baked beans. She LOVES spaghetti, salad, macaroni and cheese, grilled chicken, and yogurt.

The princess will turn five this November (I can not believe it) and wants to plan her brother's first birthday as a Circus party!

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