Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What has Pork Chop been up to?

A whole lot of not crawling, for starters.

Okay, so give the Fat Man (yet another affectionate nickname) some can put him on his tummy, leave the room, and come back to find he has someone managed to slide himself across the floor. He will get on his knees and rock just a little bit, but no movement so far.

Gracie never crawled. At between 10-11 months she started pulling up and coasting. But the Princess will get her own special blog post later. Let's talk about Pork Chop!

He will be 9 months old the 10th of May, and while I won't have his vital stats until the 16th at his well baby visit, let me give you a run down of what Pork Chop can do:

1. Play Peek-A-Boo if you put a towel/cloth over his head and then he'll pull it off himself.
2. Hold his own bottle.
3. Feed himself finger foods.
4. Put his own pacifier in his mouth.
5. Put anything else (that doesn't belong there) in his own mouth. Carpet fuzz, lint, itty bitty pieces of paper. You name it, he'll eat it.
6. Have I mentioned he hates baby food? He would rather live off of fruit puffs, yogurt melts, and cheerios instead.
7. Thus far with table food, he has had green beans, carrots, butter beans (yes, I mushed them up and he ate every bite!) and some cake.
8. He is also working well with holding a sippy cup of ice water, although he does better at dragging/banging it then actually drinking it.
9. Shakes head for "no-no".
10. No real words yet. Alot of babbling/blowing rasberries/squealing.
11. And as of his 6-month birthday, has been sleeping in his own room, in his own crib.
12. Still has only his two bottom teeth.
13. May have curly hair like his mommy!

Stay tuned for a post that is ALL about the princess....

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