Friday, April 8, 2011

God made dirt, and dirt don't hurt!

See the adorable (almost) 20 month old and his innocent expression? You would never know that he has a dirty little secret. Well? Have you figured it out yet? Oh and while I am letting James eat dirt (and reading about how other people say eating dirt isn't always a bad thing) I should probably confess that a few weekends ago Gracie attended a birthday party and then spent time at a friends house where she was allowed to (gasp) eat hail leftover from the storm! I am done being that mom who overcleans and hovers and beats my kids for eating things like dirt. Or dog food. Which James happily swallowed two pieces of not too long ago to Gracie's total disgust! The point is I really don't think that a little bit of dirt - or dog food - is going to harm him. And it's not like he's eating spoonfuls of it! He normally tries to pick it up, and ends up smearing it all over his face and hands. Dirty little secret or not, he's still the cutest Pork Chop ever!

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