Thursday, April 7, 2011

Zoo Weekend 2011

So with Mawmaw in town for about two weeks, what better way to kick off the weekend than spending it at the zoo on Saturday? Gracie was sitting in front of us on the train ride, so Jessica called her name and snapped this cute picture when she turned around! Me & Pork Chop on the train ride. The kids (some of our cousins, friend, and Gracie) were playing games and somebody won this bandana that James became fascinated with! Jess & Jacob near one of the animal exhibits. She wanted a picture with the animal in it, and I almost cut them out of the picture because the animal kept moving! The nerve! Gracie has never had any interest in any sort of activity like this, but when she jumped at the chance to do it I jumped at the chance to snap a picture! Jess & James on the bouncy slide. The only problem? Going down it wasn't as easy as climbing up. Even the kids said they were "sticking" to the slide. We thought James was going to have whiplash, he was bouncing back and forth so much!

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