Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy birthday to... (#2)

Yeah, so my mom thought the best way to celebrate her birthday one year, about twenty-one years ago, was to have a set of fraternal twins...THE DAY AFTER her own birthday! And people wonder where I get my insanity from.

Anyway, I want to wish my little sisters Jessica (to my right) and Kayla (far right) a very happy 21st birthday today!

It's not so odd anymore that people discover I have twin sisters and think it's really neat, until they meet the two girls and realize that "twin" for these two just has to do with the fact that my mom carried them both at the same time. Oh, and they share a birthday.

Aside from that, these two girls are as different as night and day! But I love them both very much and want to wish them a happy birthday!

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