Thursday, July 8, 2010

Twilight Saga - "Eclipse"

First off, I spent about ten minutes laughing hysterically, not at the movie, but at the fact that my sisters gave blood. And right before we went to see a vampire movie. I was amused!


I'm always one of those people who rarely ever sees a movie in theaters just because of how much people rave about it. And when I was pregnant with James and we decided to name in James Edward, I had a ton of people asking me if I was a fan of the Twilight books. Honestly? I had no clue what they were talking about!

Until my interest was peaked and I rented it one night.

And then my sister took me to see New Moon for my birthday.

I have been hooked ever since. So there was no question when "Eclipse" came out, if I was going to see it in theaters. While the first movie seemed kind of blah in acting, New Moon was even better. And Eclipse? There just aren't words. And it didn't hurt that I got to see a whole lot of this:

And since I've seen the movie, now come the really important decisions on life.

Team Jacob or Team Edward?

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  1. Team Edward in the books, and Team Jacob at the movies!