Friday, July 16, 2010

Not Your Same Ol' PB&J

I am all for being creative.

Heck, I'm all for pretty displays and packaging.

But I have nothing on this chic when it comes to making lunches!

With the school year slowly approaching, and my "Big Girl" spending half a day at "Big School", I am feeling a desire to start making her lunches again.

This summer, they consisted mainly of purchasing her lunch at daycare (which meant a hot meal, although not sure on the nutrition part!) or buying Lunchables, Mac 'n Cheese, etc to just toss in her lunchbox.

I tested out a few bentos last week (no pictures, sorry!) with a green salad with italian dressing in one box, and some strawberries, cube cheese, and little round garlic Naan sandwiches with ham and cheese on them.

Gracie seemed to love the sandwiches, and I even sent some strips of the Naan in James' lunch box and his teacher said he loved them!

So if you feel inspired, buy your child a Bento Box and give it a try!

Be sure to post pictures, so we can all marvel at your work!

Until then, I'll just keep drooling over Wendolonia's creativity!

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